Why? How? When?

I am an Interaction Design student at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. Before I started to learn how to use graphical software in order to create my illustrations, I was always looking for  vector graphics online, free which was sometimes difficult. That’s why I’m creating this blog: freely share vector graphics to people who simply don’t have the time to it themselves.

I am NOT a graphic designer and I accept all your feedback and critique, as all that I know I learned by myself and through constant feedback. I am doing this to mainly help other people, but also to improve my work.

I will start updating the blog, after I’m done with my exam (next week) with stuff that I would’ve liked to find when I was searching for it: human figures in different postures, objects, etc in different formats.

However, I will also post on your request 🙂

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  1. natalie says:

    good luck with your work.Keep doing what you doing !!!

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