Buttons, switches, level bars

I would like to start with these things. I know they seem very simple, maybe even primitive, but I want to demonstrate that the simple usage of gradients in different forms can create different effects. I’ll start by uploading some free buttons, switches and bars in different forms, all made by me, which can be used for communicating several design ideas, for your websites, concepts and phone apps. I like creating shapes and patterns which create depth and encourage people to view objects in different ways.

I’ll upload simple representations of the buttons and switches and if you need them just email me and I’ll send you the .ai files ASAP.

PS: If you find a model that you really like or you found a poor quality picture online  and would like me to do it for you don’t hesitate to ask me 😀

Play and pause buttons- large sizes


Two switches that could be used in different apps
A small navigational menu, only OK and up and down





A possible way of integrating a level of some kind, maybe loading- inspired by a tutorial done a while ago


Basic buttons for a media player application


Animated loading bars


Simple gradiant used for creating depth


Two different push switches, or maybe roll-on surfaces
Simple slider
Basic geometrical shapes that could be used as interactive surfaces


Grid of holed surface
Another possible circular loading graphical element



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