Funny cards

Word Play

My favourite part in using and learning a language is finding its expressions. There are so many funny expressions which we hear and use everyday without realizing, everybody in their own language. Of course, here I chose to play with the English ones, in order for everybody to get them. Just think about the fact that somebody associated the words cool and cucamber, couch and potato or going bananas for some reason. They truly are funny.

So this a small collection of some funny cards and some word play. Same stuff as before, if you need the .ai files just tell me. I’m happy to share my work around.





Why food?

Wekk, it’s pretty simple, there are tons of expressions out there, but the ones including food are just easier to imagine. They include real tangible objects that everyvody knows. Therefore I thought it would be funny to emphasize the food part in these expressions and humanize these fruits in respect to the meaning behind the words.







One Comment Add yours

  1. Ruth101 says:

    Hahha these are brilliant 😂😂😂 love the graphics and the words


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