Gear Wheels in 5 easy Steps- Illustrator

Direct Gear Wheels Files

This time I’ll upload the images of various gearwheel models.These can be useful in many designs, from logos to class presentations. You can either directly ask me for the .ai file of one of the gear wheels, or one that you specifically want.


Create a basic Gear Wheel in 5 Easy Steps

I’m also posting a tutorial of how to make gear wheels in Illustrator, as I’ve met a few people who really needed them and struggled with the process. It’s actually really easy and can be done in very few simple steps. I’ll show you the vary basic gear wheel and you can take it from there and make it as complicated as you need it to be. First, I’ll just skip the stepts with File -> New -> Whatever file size you need for your project.

Step 1

Create a Star with quite a few spikes. The Star is located in the same place as the Rectangle, enlarge the tool. You can make as many spikes as you want and experiment with their number. In order set the number of spikes in the Star you press the UP and DOWN arrow key for more or less Star spikes.


Step 2

Draw a sphere in the center of the previously drawn Star. In order to be sure that you align their center points, you can either use the guidlines by pressing Ctrl + u or select them both and use the align tool and align them in their center horizontally and vertically. (How to align stuff?)


Step 3

Now, we will use the Pathfinder tool, which can be brought to your screen by going to Window -> Pathfinder, or Shift + Ctrl + F9. This tool lets you combine, substract, add and intersect objects. Now, select the circle and the star and press Intersect. This is the Intersect result:


Step 4

Add a new circle on top of the resulted shape. Make this circle as big as you want, but do not cover the entire shape. Remember, you can always undo stuff. Now select both shapes again (circle + resulted) and use the Unite in the Pathfinder tool. This will add the two spahes and you’ll end up with somthing like this:


Step 5 -Last one

For this basic gear wheel, this will be the last step. So on top of the already created wheel, make another circle from the center of the current shape (put your mouse on the center and create a  perfect circle by holding Shift and Alt) and then use the Pathfinder again, but this time pressing Minus Front. You’ll have your basic gear wheel:



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