Everyday Chairs

What did I do?

I did a few more vector based simple objects  which you can find pretty much everywhere. I was inspired by the different rooms in which I had classes and walked into today. They are all full of chairs, more than anything, so I thought why not do some different kind of chairs? I’ll add more when I have time, both in here and in the Everyday Objects 1 .

In these I tried to use the Long Shadow style, usually used in Flat Design. From what I’ve seen until now, shadows are used in many different ways in Flat Design, some dividing the object in half, some as a gradual change of colour and some clearly showing the light source on the artboard. I also added a bit of noise in several parts of the objects in order to emphasize the presence of a material.

Enough with the text, check them out yourself.

The classical, but sometime impossible to adjust office chair.
The cozy armchair, full of money and pieces of food
A simple cafe stool

My way

Maybe you realized by now, and I am also aware that I do not follow the “normal” principles of Flat Design, but I am trying to create and to explore my own style. I firstly used Illustrator and then imported the PNGs to Photoshop and played a bit with their brightness, contrast and other adjustments.  I do not know these chairs’ specific names, so sorry for that.

The old chair
University chair, in most of my classes.

How did I do it?

The way I draw these objects is that I first try to find a front-view picture of them  and then decide on the parts of the object that define it. For example in a chair, you will need its legs, for a pen you need its tip. To put it simply, you have to use the minimum amount of details and still be able to represent the thing. After you have this as a guideline, you can create your own style, for example you can make a minimalistic drawing, but concentrate on materials, or tones rather than parts of objects.

If you need the .ai, .psd or the .png files, just write me here.

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