Mysterious Birds

The beauty behind birds

Birds, among other things, have always aroused some sort of mystery in my mind. Sometimes people consider them brainless creatures, just flying, breeding, eating and dying. I think there’s much more to them than we know and I’m not reffering to science and the complex ways in which they communicate and signal different things. I’m talking about a more, let’s say poetic approach to birds. For me, they seem to be the only truly free creatures; they fly, feel the wind in their feathers, play among the rain drops before they touch the ground, but all while they keep an eye on everthing that’s happening around them.

The Red Watcher

Each bird has a different significance to me. Were these implied by stories, movies, superstirions? Maybe, but many arose from my own observations and imagination In this drawing I tried to create that rare, beautiful bird which you’ll only see once in your life. But the moment you see it, your eyes freeze and you have a strange feeling of respect for it it. You feel the true power of creation emerging in the creature in front of you, you don’t think about time and space anymore and suddenly you realize: it istruly free. It is not affected by your problems, nor your worries, it is what it is; The Red Watcher.

Mysterious bird

How did I do it?

I tried working with the brushed in Illustrator for a bit, and started with an outline resembling a bird from its side. Then I just used different types of brushed and tried to emphasize a flow of feathers in the bird, giving it the aerodynamic shape for those perfect flying maneuvers. Afterwards I used Photoshop to adjust the brightness, vibrance and hues.

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