Robot Villain

Beep Boop Bip?

I’ve always loved robots, in movies, in science fairs, toys, cartoons, drawings, live demos, articles, research, on the news, rescuing people from earthquakes and so on. When I was in primary school I watched all the Transformers series, the idea of them transforming in other machines made me imagine that we might be surrounded by Autobots and Decepticons. I also enjoyed the movies, all robot related, not necessarily the story, but the idea of artifical creations which resemble us. Artifical intelligence, their complex mechanism, the endless possibilities of their actions, androids, droids, helper robots, all of them are great in their own ways.

Robot drawings

One could draw a robot in as many ways as one wants and we have to admit, they encourage us to think of a future in which they’ll have some sort of position in our society. Until then, we will appreciate the artwork.

Robot villain

Above, I drew a robot villain using Illustrator and a bit of Photoshop.  I wanted to create some motion with the limbs and the body, flexibly connected. This one, despite of my desire to draw a complex looking robot, is fairly simple and cartoonish, but it is certainly a reflection of one of my ideas of what robots might be. It will be part of a bigger picture in which the robot lands on Earth and starts attacking a city with one of its robot claw-hand.

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