Sea Wolf

From joke to drawing

When I was in highschool I kept joking about the notion of sea wolves. In my mind, I was thinking about those old sailors in the movies or cartoons, usually grumpy, muscular, wise and with a mermaid or an anchor drawn on their shouldersl; they were the real sea wolfs. The wolf part came from the lone wolf expressions. Of course all this was a joke, really funny for me, until I realized that there is actually a fish out there called the sea wolf.


Why not make it a logo?

One day I had a flashback about this joke and I thought, why not make it a logo? I know, it’s totally against every modern trend in logo design. It’s not minimalistic, in the Flat Design style, doesn’t really communicate too much information about the owner of the logo, other than he’s weirdly creative and hopefully brave. But I still like this idea, it’s original and something one remembers at least for its originality. So, I ended up with this, probably first iteration, of my own logo. One day I’ll have to totally change it and make something really serious, bla, bla. For now I can keep it and make people smile, laugh, grunt or whatever they want, however never let it pass unseen.

One Comment Add yours

  1. LOL,
    I like the way your mind works…


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