Rain Effect in 4 Easy Steps – Photoshop

Basic rain Effect

You might’ve wondered how can you create a rain effect in Photoshop. Or maybe not. For those of you who did, it’s really simple so let’s start right away. I’ll use a random picture from my computer, but you can use pretty much anything as a background. This is my background picture:

I doesn’t matter how many layers you have before this effect

Step 1

Make a new Layer, by going Layer->New->Layer->OK, on top of everything and fill it with black using the Paint Bucket Tool, or the G keys. You’ll end up with something like this:

Don’t worry, it will be clear in a moment

Step 2

Now select this new layer and go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise. In the box that pops us, select Monochromatic and just play around with that slider, which is the amount of noise. You’ll see the effects in a minute and then you can go back and increase or decrease it.



Step 3

Now, you could have some middle steps between this and the second and this one, like using the Levels Adjustments to play with the contrast and noise. But for a simple basic rain effect, these would be fine. So,  now, go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion Blur. In the box, you can change the angle of the rain and the distance between the drops. In the end press OK.



Step 4- Last one

Now, it’s really simple. Just select the layer and change the Blending Mode of the Layer to Screen, by clicking on the arrows and selecting Screen from the large list. The default Blending Mode is Normal and you’ll find it as in the picture below. Afterwards, just lower the opacity of the Layer to whatever value looks good for you drawing, around 70% for mine.

There’s the Normal Blending Mode.
Choosing Screen and 70% Opacity.









This is the end result:



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