Rainy day

Raining with imagination

Some people like rain, I do as well. It creates all sorts of feelings, thoughts and memories. It seems to be the best excuse to not do anything, not meet anybody and just spend time doing whatever you like to do. Well, this would be the view from the inside, but the best “rainy” memories are outside. Who didn’t play in huge ponds on the street, soaked to the bones, not caring anymore? Who didn’t love to see the light in the window inside their house, knowing that in a few minutes you’ll be sheltered from the rain and  the cold wind? Who didn’t play with the rain drops on the car or on the house window? Think about it for a second, it seems like everything changes when it’s raining.


How did I do it?

Well, it was pretty simple actually. I only used photoshop this time as I want to include this in a larger story and I’ll use the effects in there for that. Anyway, I started with the buildings, in different tones of blue, the dark blue windows, the background and then the road. Then I made a lamp post and its light bulb. I copied these things until all the elements were there and then I made a new layer with the lights in different places using a few brushes.

The rain effect is actually really simple and you can check it out in this 4 Steps Tutorial


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