Cartoon Could in 4 Easy Steps

Clouds Everywhere

They can be used in pretty much any cartoon or flat design style graphics which include some sort of nature, outer environment or something else. Maybe you were really frustrated that they didn’t turn out as you wanted to, maybe you tried with the wrong tools, but I’ll show you how easy it is in 4 Easy Steps. Thie is the final result:

Final result

Step 1

You can use any background colour, as the coulds will be white. Now, make a few white, without any stroke, circles near each other which will more or less resemble a could. The shape doesn’t have to be perfect, just be sure that the circles overlap.

Making the white, no stroke circles

Step 2

Now, we’ll use the Pathfinder tool which can be opened by going to Window -> Pathfinder, or Shift + Ctrl + F9. Now, select all circles and press Unite in the Pathfinder, which will obviously join the shapes into a new one.

The resulting shape

Step 3

This step might seem a bit weird, but it’s the most important one. Select the Rectangle tool and make a rectangle by covering the lower part of the cloud, creating a straight line on the bottom and go up into the shape as much as you want with its height. As in this picture:

Making the rectangle over the united shape

Step 4 – Last one

For this last step, you’ll use the Pathfinder tool again. Select the rectangle and the could-like shape and press the Minus Font in the Pathfinder, which will leave you with the final cloud shape.

Final cloud after using Minus Font

This is an example of using this cloud technique. For a little more advanced thurderstorm could press here.

In the end I’ll show you an example in which I used these sort of clouds, in different forms in order to create a background picture for a small funny android game.








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