Cartoon Strom Cloud in 4 Easy Steps

Storm Cloud  (requires this one)

If you wonder why did I start with an already existing cloud and how did I do that one, you can just check out the really easy steps for doing a basic cartoon/ flat design cloud. Now, let’s make it a strom cloud. The end result will be similar to this (the cloud we’ll be working with is the same as used before, not the one in the picture below).

Final Strom Cloud

Step 1

I used this colour for the background: 8B8EB6. Now, you’ll first colour the white cloud in a dark grey, I used this one: 636362.

Coloured Storm Cloud

Step 2

This is an important step, as it involves adding some light to the storm cloud. So, first of all make 2 copies the Cloud and then overlap the two copied clouds more or less like in the first image. Then open the Pathfinder and use the Minus Font to only have a “slice” of a cloud which will be lit up.

Overlapping the copied clouds
Using the Minus Font in Pathfinder

Step 3

Now right click on the resulted “slice” of cloud and select Ungroup, as those small bits are all grouped. Then select the Eraser (E) and then simply delete the small parts and only left the left larger one. In this same step, change the colour of the “slice” to a lighter grey, mine: C1C0C0.

Ungrouping, deleting and changing colour

Step 4

Now you have to place the “slice” of the cloud in the lighter grey over the dark grey cloud. You can follow the position that I used or arrange it as you want. Then lower the opacity a little, around 50%.

Adding ligh to the storm cloud

Step 5

Well, a strom cloud need a lightning strike to be a real strom cloud. So now we will use the Pen tool. Starting from the Side lower edge of the cloud you can go in a Thunderstrike like pattern and close the shape back up. I chose this colour for my strike: F0EA41.

Lightning strike

Step 6 – Final one

This step is very similar to step 2, but as I know it’s annoying to keep scrolling betwenn stuff, I’ll just go through the process again. First, make two copies of the lightning strike, overlap them and then use the Minus font in the Pathfinder to have a “slice” of the strike. Then choose a lighter colour (F8F18C) for the slice and place in on the left side of the original one.

Overlapping copied and using the Minus Font to have a slice of it.
Adding the slice to the original part

These were all the steps and as I mentioned before the cloud used here was also used in the Cartoon Cloud in 4 Easy Steps tutorial.








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