Desert Bounty Hunter

Hunting Mysteries

One day, a dark medium sized ship emerged above the empty desert of Karanda. It was moving faster than any living creature from that desert, but no other sound than the air being pushed away came from the slick looking ship. After it flew over the large, deserted and well contoured sand dunes it seemed to slow down around a small opening in the desert. As the sun was slowly hiding behind the dunes, the ship stopped and while floating in the air, it slowly decreased its altitude. The ship was rythmically hovering above the still hot sand at low altitude and a large looking figure jumped off the seat.


By its looks it was an alien to that place, wearing armour, a cutting edge bounty hunter type helmet and green skin. However, judging by its behaviour, the place was well known to him or her. It was confident as it strongly moved through the desert wind and sand, as if something was expecting its arrival. Or was it?


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