Paper Effect in 5 Easy Steps Photoshop

The Power of Paper

Many of you, including myself had to or wanted to use some sort of paper background. These type of backgrounds can be really useful sometimes, not just for their looks, but also for other things such as sketching.

Step 1

Open a new file with whatever size, depending on your project and specifications. Then choose the ForeGround and BackGround colours as a lighter and a darker tone. The difference though shouldn’t be too big. Something like a b1b1b1 for the front and 8a8a8a should be fine.

Choosing colours in ForeGround and BackGround

Step 2

Go to Filter -> Render -> Clouds and you will create a rendering using your foreground and background colours.

Rendering Clouds using chosen colours

Step 3

In this step you’ll “fine tune” your paper background. The first step would be pressing Ctrl + L which will open the Levels Adjustment. In here you can change the settings to end up with a more subtle paper.

  • In my case I moved the middle slider from 1.00 to 1.63.
  • Then I moved the last triangle from 255 to 233, press OK.
The result after using Levels Adjustment.

Step 4

Now press  Ctrl + … and the Hue/Saturation Adjustment box will pop up. Be sure that you select the Colorize checkbox and then try to create a soft yellowish paper like colour. My setting are, but you should move them around and see what kind of effects are there:

  • Hue : 58
  • Saturation : 21
  • Lightness : -1
Hue/Saturation Adjustment added.

Step 5 – Last one

Well, the last step requires using another filter by going into Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise. In the box select a relatively small value as we’re only trying to create a bit of texture. So this is my version of the paper and it can be easily customized depending on you own needs and visions.

Texturized paper by adding a bit of noise.



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