Space Voyage

Maybe, one day

Right now, I live in a very large, crowded city full of tall buildings, lights, people and all kind of noises. I kind of like it, at least sometimes, but I miss something and I couldn’t put my finger on it until yesterday. Then after I heard a few seagulls and looked up to spot them, I realized. I miss the sky; I miss seeing the line of horizon through those buildings. But not just any sky, a sky full of stars, unknowns and mysteries. I know I’ll probably never get up there, maybe if they need volunteers for the Mars colony program. I don’t even know if those things are real. Who knows? Can you believe anybody these days? However, it doesn’t stop me from dreaming.


My dream


Dreaming of a larger world, expending all the time, of planets awaiting to be discovered, of weird, amazing alien species and never ending space voyages. Dreaming that there is more to this life than struggling with people, trying to convince yourself that what you’re doing is right and that one day you’ll find your place somwhere. Maybe, one day, we’ll all get there, I mean it’s such a big place, this world, there must be somthing out there for everybody.

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