You and the World


As I said, I love fiction and Science Fiction, I read the books, watch the movies, follow artists, explore ideas and day dream about new worlds. But before I realized I liked fiction, or actually to put it better, what triggered my interest in fiction was a school compulsory book. I was mainly about some kids exploring nature, themselves and so on, I never read the whole thing. I stopped when they found a cave. They were climbing some mountain area and found a secret huge cave full of rooms or whatever they’re called in  caves, but what really amazed me was that at the end of the cave they discovered a glacier. As I said, I stopped reading at that point. I started asking myself: What if that was an alien thing? What if they were supposed to get there? Why don’t I find such extraodinary things? Why can’t I explore never-ending caves and mysteries? I think that was the moment when I started thinking about fiction, different realities and realms.


That’s what this drawing is about. It’s about a being, not necessarily human, who’s looking for more than it sees around itself. About a being who saw, felt, experienced and learned by exploring it’s own mysteries and interests. That’s it, embracing the final secret into it’s magical staff, as that glacier at the end of that cave.

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