Hired by the Internet

My title refers to the way things are working in our modern world. Let’s go back in time for a few minutes. You just received your degree in Engineering (let’s say) and you’re looking out for a job. Somehow you reach a guy who knows a guys who knows a boss. You go to an interview, shake hands, sell yourself and maybe ge the job.

Well, the modern-day way of seeking a job, would be carrying a sort of board that shows your strengths, a board that you’ve been working to ensure that everybody gets a piece which would intrigue them. Hopefully, somebody on an incredibly busy boulevard will read your board with some interest.

I’ve made this analogy to express what I’ve felt on many different UX and Interaction Designer freelance platforms (I will name those if asked). I felt cold while creating my board in there, I felt as if I am standing in front of a million people, small as a breadcrumb, trying to impress at least one person in that vast crowd. But then I somehow found these guys: Toptal. So I said, why not? Trying again won’t hurt.

Everything from the way the questions are ordered and formulated in the first steps of creating a profile, to this relatively ordered community of designers, provided me with a feeling of security, which I’m still trying to put into words. It’s as if I would be embraced by my own kind and then rightfully presented to the world, instead of being thrown to the lions.

Shortly: I truly see that Toptal Freelance UX Designers Network makes me feel as I am in the right place, at the right time, communicating with capable people who will both guide and support me in creating a better future in design.


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