Meteorite and Asteroid

These two things are actually different. Shortly stated, a meteorite is a part of an asteroid which travels through space, orbiting around different larger things. An asteroid is larger, usually named, the bigger ones are called planetoids. When entering the Earth’s atmosphere, a fireball surrounds it and it becomes a meteor and is seen as, what we call a falling star. Cool right?

As I’m building a space based game, I’m creating some space related stuff too, meteorites, asteroids, planetoids, stars, planets and so on. For now I’ve done a smaller set of, let’s call them space rocks. These will create fields through which the player will have to maneuver the ship, or shoot through, if possible. Some will be moving around as meteors and they’ll cause serious damage if they’re not avoided. In addition, I’ve made three different crystals that players can gather, especially if they chose the explorer class. These could be traded or used to enhance their ship’s characteristics.

As I said, I’m trying to keep a constant “low poly” style, so these are the sets.

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