Space Ships 101

So, I decided that before I start making anything move in my game through software algorithms, I’ll create all the game assets. I really mean all of them, as much as I can. I know that some will have to be changed and others will need to be created / deleted too, but I wish to start with a strong collection of potentially usable things: menu items, space ships, meteorites, trading outposts, stars, black holes, etc. (I have a big list). I decided to keep it to a “low poly” style, a style which I really appreciate, but never really tried using it in a set of things. Some pretty good looking low poly art below:

Image result for low poly planet

That’s challenge number 1: keep all the style of my drawings similar throughout the project.

So, I started with the space ships. People will have the possibility to choose between a conquered and an explorer type of ships which will influence their gaming style throughout the game. Another game theory here: it was proved in recent studies that games become much more successful (longer playing duration, enjoyment) when they accommodate multiple types of players, instead of a single one. So, these are the ships:


As I said, I want to do this one properly, so I’m using this blog to document my progress and sort of push myself into finishing it at some point. I know I can, it;s just a matter of time.Below, there’s a short thing that shows the process of making these two ships.


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