Some more space stuff

I’m slowly, but steadily moving forward with the design of the assets for my space game. It’s really hard to make myself from opening the game design software and from programming the things that I’m drawing, it’s just nicer when you see stuff moving around and interacting, instead of static drawings. The vision is still there though. So, I think that for now I’m pretty consistent with the design of the planets and ships.

When it comes to the ships, I downgraded both of them and took some material off, creating a second version for each one of them. This smaller, second version, will be the one the players start with and in time, they’ll get upgrades and change the ship towards the bigger one. I guess I’ll have to make a few more evolved or simple ships too. From my experience and from what I’ve been reading, a large part of the gamers, if not most, are playing out of curiosity and excitement of the unknown: be it new armour, engines, shields, etc.

I am also starting to work on noninteractive things (at least for now). In this post you’ll get to see two versions of the same planet,a star and a ship wich could be your enemy or ally depending on the way you interact with it. Nothing is done on scale now, as everything is made in Illustrator as vectors, I can easily scale them later when I put things together without losing any of their qualities.

Planet Version 2
NPC ship

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